About Henderson Veterinary Clinic

Henderson Veterinary Clinic is one of the oldest veterinary clinics in West Auckland and one of the first animal homeopathic clinics in New Zealand. It is run by veterinarian Brett Christian, who bought the clinic 28 years ago. "Brett the Vet" works with Rachael, a fully qualified full-time veterinary nurse. Rachael is on hand to answer questions and talk to you about the services the clinic offers. She can assist with surgery and animal care. Rachael is likely to be the first person you talk to when you phone the clinic and is are happy to answer questions and give advice.

Brett Christian has many years experience as a veterinarian. He graduated from Massey University’s Vet School in 1985 and began working in a conventional veterinary practice.

In the late 1980’s he travelled to Africa where he worked with black rhinos, specialising in embryo transfer and artificial insemination, to increase the endangered species population. It was during his time in Africa that Brett began studying the indigenous medicines used. Local practitioners would use extracts from the native flora and fauna, creating successful treatments for everyday problems, such as parasites and wounds.

When Brett returned to New Zealand in 1990, he was keen to practice what he’d learnt in Africa and continued researching alternative medicine for animals. He began using his knowledge with the animals he treated at Henderson Veterinary Clinic and was amazed with the results. The clinic now has a large client base, with patients travelling from as far away as Whangerei.

Henderson Veterinary Clinic has helped thousands of animals the natural way since Brett bought the clinic. Pet owners have been amazed by the results of the natural treatment on their animals, “homeopathic cures often make such an impact on pet owners that they themselves turn to homeopathy”, says Brett. To find out more about the alternative approach Henderson Veterinary Clinic take visit our Services page.