The Natural Alternative

At Henderson Veterinary Clinic we provide both homeopathic and conventional treatment for pets. But, wherever possible we use homeopathic medicine.

Homeopathy works on the idea that the cure for an ailment can be made directly from what has been causing the problem in the first place. For example, an animal with a flea allergy can be treated with a remedy made directly from the flea. Henderson Veterinary Clinic vet, Brett Christian, compares this natural alternative to a vaccine; the treatment works by desensitising the animal so that in future it doesn’t react so aggressively to ailment, be it fleas, a skin condition, behavioural problems or more severe conditions.

We have been offering this treatment since the early 1990’s and have found it to be extremely beneficial. Our clinic has many photos of just some of the pets who have benefited from the homeopathic treatment offered. Brett has treated a German shepherd with a prolapsed disc that had lost the use of its hind legs, bowel and bladder. Another vet had recommended euthanasia for the dog. But treated homeopathically, at Henderson Veterinary Clinic, the dog made a full recovery.

Even behavioural problems can be treated with natural medicine. Brett used homeopathic remedies on a pet bichon fries. The dog was so aggressive that even pet trainers could do nothing, but with homeopathic treatment the animal became a lovable pet.

Henderson Veterinary Clinic offers everything from general healthcare and routine checkups through to surgery and ongoing medical care. Our friendly staff will work with you throughout your pet’s treatment and are always on the end of the phone if you have questions. Henderson Veterinary Clinic works closely with Lincoln Mall Pharmacy in Lincoln North to source the homeopathic medicine used in the practice.

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If your pet has an ongoing illness or medical condition and you would like Brett to discuss your treatment options, make an appointment with us and find out how the natural alternative can work for your pet.

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